Advanced Chords overview
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In this course, we will take a look at some advanced theoretical and practical aspects that involce chords. You will be learning all about compound intervals and complex chords such as:

  • 6th chords
  • 9th chords
  • 11th chords
  • 13th chords
  • added tone chords

What this course offers

During this course, we will learn how to look at chords from different perspectives. You'll be able to recognize certain chord progressions in songs, you'll learn what primay and secondary chords are and you will also learn how to substitute chords in a progression in order to make it sound different.

By the end of this course you will be able to integrate just about any type of chords you want in your playing and songwriting.

Target audience

This course is for people who have a very good musical theory foundation. The concepts which you should already be accustomed to are:

  • triads
  • major, minor, diminished and augmented chords
  • seventh chords
  • simple music intervals
  • reading guitar tabs and sheet music
  • scales and scale degrees