Advanced Music Theory overview
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This is the continuation of the Beginner Music Theory course, which you can find here. In this one, we will discuss more advanced concepts that will help you understand what in the world do musicians mean when they talk about pianofortemezzo-forte etc.

What this course offers

This course will feature advanced musical concepts which you will encounter in the study of classical music, such as:

  • volume directions
  • note length modifiers
  • tempo modifiers
  • pedal indicators
  • octave modifiers
  • advanced scales
  • repetition markers

The tutorials will be grouped around a certain topic so as to make them easy to follow. We will be using a lot of musical sheet examples in this one. The concepts discussed in these tutorials can be applied to any instrument

Target audience

This course is designed for people who want to further their music theory knowledge. It assumes you are familiar with reading music sheets and understandinf concepts such as tempo, scales, intervals, accidentals etc.