Beginner Chords tutorials
1. Introduction
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Didn't we do one of these for another series?

  1. Topics of discussion
  2. What this series will cover

1. Topics of discussion

Hello and welcome to your first tutorial about chords. As the title of the post suggests, in this tutorial we will be going over what we will be going over in the series as a whole. So, let's have some fun.

2. What this series will cover

In this series, we will be going through the many types of chords that one can encounter as a guitar player. And by that I mean that I will be using guitar tabs and guitar chord forms as examples. But that doesn't mean that the theoretical aspects which we will discuss (e.g. chord formulas) can't be applied to any other instrument. In fact, once you know the formula and how a chord is formed, you'll easily be able to play them on any instrument.

We will be going through chords from the most basic ones to advanced chords that make use of what is known as compound intervals.

Throughout this course we will learn the formulas for the many types of chords as well as learn how yo play them on a guitar, be it electric or acoustic. Once we reach a difficulty plateau we will have a wrap-up tutorial in which we round up everything we have learned up until that point.

The theoretical aspects required to understand chords will be presented when required. If you already know them, then feel free to skip any and all tutorials that present information you already know. I will not insist on every little detail with regards to theory, but I will provide links to any other posts of mine in which I discuss certain topics (if they are already discussed elsewhere around here of course) should you be interested.

As to what you will need for this series, the most important thing to have lying around somewhere, waiting to be played, is a guitar. Or, if you're just interested in learning the theoretical aspects behind chords, a pencil and paper should suffice.

That's about it for this introduction. We will kick start our learning process in the next tutorial by taking a brief look at the basic music theory aspects one requires in order to be able to understand the concept of chords. See you then.

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