Beginner Chords overview
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In this course, we will be learning about the 4 basic chord types:

  • major
  • minor
  • augmented
  • diminished

The focus will be on major, minor and diminished chords, since they are more commonly used in songs. The course is geared towards guitar, meaning that we will be learning chord shapes for guitar players.

However, the theory aspects discussed here can be applied to any instrument.

What this course offers

During the tutorials of this course, we will be discussing how each of the four basic chord types is formed. The focus will be on major, minor and diminished chords for the beginner course, since they are commonly used when writing songs. Augmented chords will be discussed in courses focusing on intermediate and advanced chords.

We will also discuss concepts such as bar chords, the CAGED system for chords and chord progressions.

Target audience

This course takes a student from the very beginning. It will contain a separate tutorial dedicated exclusively to discussing the theoretical aspects necessary to understanding chords, with references to other tutorials and sources which delve deeper into the aspectes mentioned. So if you happen to know nothing about musical theory and how a guitar functions, you don't need to worry as these aspects will be covered in order to ensure you have a good foundation when you actually dive into chords theory.