Beginner Music Theory overview
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This course serves as a foundation former. It will help you understand the core concepts of music and it will help you in any and all future endeavours that involve music, be it playing an instrument or delving into the area of songwriting.

What this course offers

This course will allow you to learn many important musical concepts, such as:

  • notes, and how they are notated
  • sound pitch, and how it helps us differentiate between notes
  • how to read music
  • scales, scale degrees and what purpose they serve
  • chords and how the basic chords are formed
  • accidentals, steps and half-steps
  • time signatures and tempo
  • note lengths

Target audience

This course assumes you are an absolute beginner in music theory. It can also serve as a refresher course for any and all students who want to brush up un their music theory skills.

I can only hope you find what I teach you useful. Any feedback is appreciated.