Intermediate Chords tutorials
1. Introduction
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These tutorials are like those How To Play ones from games that people regret ignoring, aren't they?

  1. Topics of discussion
  2. What this course covers
  3. Music theory concepts

1. Topics of discussion

In this tutorial, we will be talking about the topics of this course while also discussing the music theory aspects required for understanding intermediate chords. So, let's have some fun.

2. What this course covers

This course serves as a continuation of the Beginner Chords course on this website. We will pick up where we left off, so some prior knowledge is required. Basically, if you know what major, minor and diminished chords are and what triads and simple music intervals are, you are good to go.

During the first part of the course, we will focus on 7th chords, as there are many types of such chords. After that, we will move on to other chords such as suspended chords, power chords, augmented chords in more detail and chord inversions. We will also discuss how you can add variety in your chord playing.

3. Music theory concepts

As I've already mentioned, some prioir knowledge will be required for this course. While I won't go into too much detail here, these are the concepts which we will use during this course:

  • triads - we are interested in the basic four triads: major, minor, augmented and diminished
  • major, minor and diminished chords
  • simple music intervals - we will focus on the 7th music interval for quite a while, but having a good understanding of what these intervals are (prime, second, third etc.) will make it easier to get what I am talking about
  • scale degrees
  • the CAGED system for major and minor chords

That about covers it for this tutorial. In the next one, we will be diving into 7th chords. See you then.

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