Intermediate Chords overview
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This is a continuation of the Beginner Chords course on this website. We will be looking at slighlty more advanced chords, such as:

  • seventh chords
  • chord inversions
  • suspended chords
  • power chords
  • augmented chords

What this course offers

We will be learning all about the many types of seventh chords, of which there are many as you will see. We will also delve into the more heavier types of music by learning about power chords. And we will also talk about how one can invert chords and obtain slash chords and how one can add even more variety in their chords.

Target audience

This course assumes you have a basic understanding of chords. By that, I mean you know what triads are and the basic types of chords: major, minor, diminished and augmented. It would also help you if you understand the concept of musical intervals.

We will have a tutorial dedicated to the theoretical concepts which we will use during the tutorials from this course, so as to be able to understand each other.