Websites with Angular and Less CSS overview
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In this course, we will build a recipe website using Angular 7 and Less CSS. Why a recipe website? Well, because I love food and because I feel I can integrate a lot of useful plugins and functionality as examples.

What this course offers

This course serves as an introduction to a few useful concepts and technologies:

  • Angular 7 and Less CSS - though obvious given the title, these are the two main technologies we will be using during the tutorials of this course
  • Angular CLI - CLI stands for command line interface, and we will use the Angular CLI to generate everything from the website itself to components and services
  • Node.JS and npm - npm stands for node package manager, which is a tool we will be using to install various plugins for our website
  • tinyMCEAngular Material and many more plugins which you will undoubtedly encounter in future projects
  • Single Page Applications

By the end of this course you will be able to build your own website using Angular 7. You will also have a very good understanding of what a SPA is and how it's different from regular websites

Worth mentioning is that this course covers only the frontend aspect of a website. There will be no server development here, but you will learn how a basic web server API call looks like during the tutorials for this course.

Target audience

This course assumes you know nothing about Angular or Less. It targets anyone who wants to learn how to build a website using everything I have mentioned.

I will not be cheap with details, meaning that each tutorial will be dedicated to a certain aspect of the website, which will be discussed in depth so as to make sure everyone understands what I am doing there.

If you haven't touched a programming language before, or you have but you want to learn how to build a website from scratch, then this is the course for you.